Facias and soffits

Fascias and soffits are mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the building, often simply referred to as the roofline. Most people call this the facia, which is actually the name of the main board that carries the gutter.

From a roofers point of view it’s unfortunate that not many people are familiar with the terms roofers tend to use, so we thought you might appreciate a few words of explanation, we’re hoping this will help give you a better understanding of the work that may be required on your property.


The fascia board is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. The fascia is fixed directly to the roof trusses and usually does all the work of supporting the bottom row of tiles and carrying all the guttering.

This is no mean feat, especially when it is raining hard. In a downpour the roof of a 3-bed semi could be washing several gallons of water per second into its gutters.


The soffit board is tucked away under the fascia board. It is usually the board that you see most of from street level. The soffit can be ventilated to allow the flow of air into the roof area. Alternatively ventilation can be provided over the top of the fascia board. Many people prefer the latter solution these days. Without adequate ventilation, condensation will form in the roof void increasing the risk of timber decay.


This is the board that is used on the gable end of a house. The condition of the bargeboard can often make or break the look of a house, and over the years it has evolved into some very attractive shapes.


The Box End is a work of art, accommodating as it does the many different angles, planes and heights of the fascia, soffit and bargeboard at each corner of the house where there is a gable end.

Guttering and blockage prevention

Taking water from your roof down to the drain via your guttering plays a significant role in keeping your home or commercial building damp free and the life span of the products used in the building as long lived as possible. If your guttering is blocked with debris, your property may be at risk as the weight could also cause a strain on the supporting brackets which could in turn lead to costly repairs. At Byron Spillard roofing we utilise the Hedgehog Gutter Guard System.

  • Catches all leaves and debris leaving rainfall to flow freely into gutter and rainwater pipe
  • Leaves and twigs are simply caught on the hedgehogs ‘spikes’ and over time are blown to the ground
  • 10 year product guarantee
  • Two widths available to suit almost all guttering
  • Available in a range of inconspicuous colours to compliment existing guttering
  • Polypropylene spikes wrap around a stainless steel central cord

Installation and colour choice

Choosing a good looking roofline product is only one of the factors to consider, expert replacement is essential if your home is to be fully protected against water damage. We specialise in fascia, soffit and guttering replacement and only use the highest quality materials and installation techniques. Our high performance uPVC fascias and soffits will give your premises long lasting maintenance-free protection from the elements and they come available in a selection of colours too.

  • Our extra care installation includes removing all old materials before installing your new fascias and soffits.
  • We only use the highest quality materials ensuring that your premises is protected and looks great for many years to come.
  • Hidden ventilation design prevents damp by allowing timber to breathe and promotes the circulation of air without the need for unsightly vents.
  • Made with a uPVC outer skin all of the products we use are designed to keep their colour, so they stay looking good year after year.
  • uPVC is extremely low maintenance and seldom needs repainting. To clean just wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Choose from a selection of colours including white, black and brown designed to complement most windows and doors.
  • Combine your new fascias and soffits with our cladding and bargeboards and give your home a complete roofline transformation.
  • Get Peace of mind knowing all labour and materials are covered by a 10 year insurance-backed HIP guarantee.
  • Choose an installer with a proven track record with thousands of satisfied customers throughout Dorset.